5 Benefits of Custom Window Signs

Here are 5 quick tips of the benefits of having custom window signs.  Read through these ideas to get your creative juices flowing, but don’t stop there, brainstorm and actively think of ways to promote your business with a large storefront window sign.  I am sure there are many more ways you can use custom window signs to your benefit.  Take the time to figure out what is best for you and your company!


  1. One of the most common benefits of a large store front window is the ability to display your business name big and bold on it.  Use it as a bill board to garner attention.  Let people know your business is located there.  With the glass as the background, adding custom lettering to create a large display of your logo is a very cost effective way to advertise to the public.  Be sure to use it to the full potential, displaying custom window signs that fill the entire area.
  2. Advertisements are another great benefit or use of a large store front window.  This could be for you or you might even sell advertising for other complimentary businesses.  Be creative and bring in a little extra cash!
  3. Informational signage can be displayed with custom window signs.  Directions to different areas, where to find the shipping dock, notifications of events and more can be displayed on window signs to make sure they are not missed by the coming and going foot traffic passing through your doors.
  4. Safety or warning signage is often displayed at an entry way, perhaps warning that no cell phones are allowed beyond this point, this is a smoke free facility, PPE (personal protective equipment) required beyond this point, no flammable liquids beyond this point, location of fire extinguisher, fire escape this way, smile you are on camera, this facility protected by security protection services and more, you can post whatever is needed for your specific situation.
  5. Last but not least, a window can become a scene that adds to the décor of your business.  Add a feel of old time western store to revive nostalgic memories, or give an artsy vibe with fresh modern art on your window signs.  Take kids into a fantasy world with a scene that pulls them in and they ask to see more!   With a creative mind, am sure you can create a great conversation piece that will get people talking about your business.